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  • Hey kids! It’s mask time!

    Hey, wouldn’t YOU like a cool “Weeping Angel” mask based on the fiendish figure from Dr. Who? Well, pardner, you can have a mask like the image above by clicking on the link below, printing it out and pasting to heavy stock, cutting it out and attaching it to a face! (Use an elastic band for your own; or school glue for your older sister while she’s asleep. KIDDING!)

    You’re welcome!


  • Happy Day, turkeys!

    Over at the Lounge in 2010, I posted the following images and wishes, but they’re good for sharing here too. First, the Thanksgiving cover to an old magazine from my childhood, followed by a comic story that I saw reprinted in the Seventies. I hope you like them both. 

    My Thanksgiving wish for all of you: “Get stuffed!”


    You know what really says “Thanksgiving”? An astronaut puppet made from household junk. Just like the Pilgrims had!



    And now, a suitable tale:


    From Marvel’s WHERE MONSTERS DWELL #26, cover date January 1974. Originally appeared in UNCANNY TALES #9, cover date June 1953. Art by Myron Fass.


     Click on each image to see the larger version. 




  • Recommended: The Presence of Price

    Don’t hate me for recommending something I co-wrote, but an article about Vincent Price and the Vincentennial by journalist Raymond Castile and myself can be read here: 

    The Presence of Price

    This article would normally appear here at the UMA blog, but was previously promised elsewhere exclusively. (Try saying THAT five times fast!)

    The article  shares the thoughts and experiences of a number of Price’s fans (including the ever-thoughtful author and critic Tim Lucas and the never-thoughtful yours gruely) and also of Price co-stars David Hedison, Brett Halsey, Charles Herbert & Terry Moore.

    More of Raymond’s acclaimed reportage and photography is found in the impressive first issue of Monsterpalooza magazine, which has fine work by a number of writers and artists. Order it here.

    Caricature by St. Louis cartoonist Jim Batts.

    Famous Monsters of Filmland issue #254 celebrates the Vincent Price centennial and can be ordered here.

    At Thanksgiving, some of the things I’ll be grateful for are my friends (like Raymond and all y’all here at the UMA) and  films with Vincent Price in them!

  • Topless photos!

    Okay, picking myself up from post-Halloween blues and getting back to posting. First I’ll start with a photo of the  Halloween costume I wore to work:

    Gawd, what shoulders I got!

    I’ve run across a name for making photos of oneself as decapitated: “horsemaning.” (Not sure I see the logic in the Appaloosian appellation.) Here’s an example:

     There’s even a website for these sorts of photos.

    From this link I found some of the best of this sort of split portraiture from around the globe. From Holland:

    From Thailand:


    And from an unidentified deli:

    I suppose this was the result of an accident with a machine. A similar incident–from the other end off the body–happened to one butcher who unintentionally backed into a grinder. He got a little behind in his work!

    Same thing happened to a lady butcher. Know what the result was? A dis-assed-er!

    Send me YOUR horsemaning pictures and I’ll run them here!



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