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Come to the Carnival!

 Imagine a group of talented musicians getting together to create music for the biggest, baddest, most fun haunted attraction ever. The result would be THIS music CD!

This post is waaaaay too late, but I have to post about this. If you want to buy a cd that will keep you in the Halloween spirit all year round, this one is it. Carnival Arcane  is the best Midnight Syndicate CD yet!

I was sent a review copy by Ed Douglas, (Midnight Syndicate being the duo of Ed Douglas and Gavin Goszka) though I’ve been buying Midnight Syndicate’s music for years. I’ve since gotten to know Ed, and I like his attitude towards all of his projects. He throws himself into each one, when he could take a more cavalier approach. After all, there is little offered for adults looking for Halloween-appropriate music, and Midnight Syndicate CDs are available every Halloween season at Hot Topic, Halloween City and other retail outlets. So he and Gavin are  going to sell product no matter what. (Witness the respectable yearly sales of the dull and unimaginative “Drew’s Famous” Halloween CDs.)

The range of tone on this effort is greater than I expected; there’s orchestral music of the classical variety (although its sound like an orchestra of the eccentric and nearly demented), gritty carny talk, creepy calliope-like music and more. By turns the musical offerings are quietly eerie, solemn, threatening and insistent as a march, and gleeful. Sounds of the circus and carnival sideshow are used to create supplemental tracks between the original compositions by Douglas and Goszka.

Of the nearly two dozen original music tracks, my favorites are “Welcome to the Carnival,” “Dr. Atmore’s Elixirs of Good Humour and Fortification,” “Under the Big Top,” the minimalist “Diversions in the Dark,” and the fast-paced chase music of “Twisted Labyrinth.” You can hear clips of three tracks– and buy the CD– here.

I wish music from this CD would be used in a horror film. It’s perfect for it.

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